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This charging accessory will keep you powered in all 195 countries around the world

The time has come. Travel restrictions are loosening everywhere and soon, you’ll likely be thinking about travel options that could take you anywhere. It’s also time to give some consideration to the devices you plan on bringing on these excursions. While most of us won’t be hopscotching around the globe quite yet, it’s still never a bad idea to think ahead and look for accessories that’ll be as useful in the UK as they are in Johannesburg, or Mumbai, or Topeka, Kansas.

Keeping your battery-bound devices — phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches — charged will be an issue anywhere you

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Is it OK to wear sweatpants to the office? Workers are relearning how to get dressed

Dreaming that you’ve shown up in public buck-naked reveals a deep-seated fear of having your vulnerabilities unmasked.

At least, that’s what the dream decoders say. Less clear is what it means to have that same totally exposed feeling in mixed company while wide-awake. But we seem poised to find out.

Americans are beginning to stir from their pandemic bunkers, drawn by the promise of safe socializing and — for those lucky enough to have worked remotely — the obligation to return to the office in person. There’s just one problem: We’ve forgotten how to get dressed.

Oh, sure. Pants on

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13 early Amazon Prime Day 2021 deals on summer travel essentials

After more than a year spent at home, it’s clear that people are ready to start traveling again. Americans are flying at the highest rate we’ve seen since the start of the pandemic, with more than 7 million people passing through airport security in the five-day period leading up to Memorial Day. And for anyone who is gearing up to head out on vacation this summer, there are a few essential items you’ll want to have before you book your ticket.

Thankfully, Amazon has you covered. The retailer’s long-awaited Prime Day event will be held June 21 and 22

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Endgame Tony Stark Team Suit Hot Toys Figure Unboxing

Iron Man figures continue to be one of the hottest items offered from Sideshow Collectibles, the distributor for Hot Toys products. Sideshow recently started shipping a new figure which is not so much Iron Man but fully Tony Stark. The Tony Stark Team Suit 1:6 scale figure made by Hot Toys gives Stark fans the opportunity to add another figure to their collection, without all of the bells, whistles, lights, and price tag of the classic Iron Man figures. This means the figure has its pros and cons for a collector but it fully accomplishes what it sets out to

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Solgaard Achieves ‘Plastic Negative’ Sustainability Goal | State

NEW YORK, June 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Sustainable travel and accessories brand, Solgaard, announces the achievement of its ‘plastic negative’ sustainability goal as part of an update released on World Oceans Day 2021 detailing the company’s environmental commitments and ocean-bound plastic upcycling initiatives.

Solgaard’s achievement of ‘plastic negative’ status comes following the company’s delivery in several sustainable business practice areas. These include the use of recycled materials and upcycled ocean-bound plastic in all of its products, in addition to an offset of a minimum of five pounds of ocean-bound plastic prevented from entering the ocean per product purchased.


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Fosmon Releases New Upgraded Dual 2 Controller Charger for Xbox Series X and Series S | News

MINNEAPOLIS, June 9, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Fosmon, the leading supplier of electronic accessories including gaming, audio/video, home improvement, computer accessories, and travel products, today announced the launch of the Fosmon Dual 2 Controller Charging Station for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S– an upgraded version of the previous Amazon’s Choice and Best Selling model for the Xbox One. The charging station retails at $49.99 and is available now in black and white on and Amazon.

A top-rated choice among Xbox users for its speedy charging capabilities and extensive battery life, Fosmon’s Dual 2

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