Gucci digitally outfits Gen-Z in metaverse foray with Roblox

Many parents may scratch their heads at paying real money to accessorize an avatar, but Generation Z players have long been prepped for this evolution.

They ran through physical streets and parks to intercept and capture Pokemon Go characters, part of an augmented reality mobile game that launched in 2016. Many took the edge off pandemic lockdown by playing with real-world friends over gaming platforms. On Roblox, dressing up avatars is old hat.

“Gen Z, they sometimes see virtual products as more valuable than physical products,” Christina Wootton, the vice president for brand partnerships at Roblox, said. “We are definitely

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CDC eases travel recommendations on 110 countries, territories including Japan

A man pushes his bags on the departures level at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on May 27, 2021 in Los Angeles as people travel for Memorial Day weekend, which marks the unofficial start of the summer travel season.

Frederic J. Brown | AFP | Getty Images

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has eased travel recommendations for more than 110 countries and territories, including Japan just ahead of the Olympics.

The CDC’s new ratings, first reported by Reuters and posted on a CDC website on Monday, include 61 nations that were lowered from its highest “Level

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10 Financial To-Dos Before Going on a Trip

Father and son traveling by plane.

From searching for the best flight deals to finding the perfect Airbnb rental, travelers often spend hours planning the perfect vacation. Unfortunately, many jet-setters neglect to take the same care with their financial planning.

Modern Money Etiquette: Who To Tip When You’re Traveling

“Before leaving for a vacation, it’s important to create a ‘financial to-do list’ to ensure your finances are kept in order while you’re away,” said Natasha Rachel Smith, a consumer affairs expert with

Making a few small monetary moves before leaving for your trip can ensure your re-entry into the

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the most haunted hotel in your state

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Digital nomad starter kit: 11 essentials for remote workers on the open road

From foldable keyboards and portable monitors to an electronics organizer and a fanny pack, here are 11 travel and work essentials to keep telecommuters online and on itinerary.

In the age of remote work at scale, professionals can theoretically work from virtually anywhere. This increased mobility has led to the rise of Zoom Towns, and a number of hotels are offering workcation packages to appeal to these roving digital nomads. Tuning in from the open road comes with no shortage of logistical or technical challenges, and there are myriad products crafted with work and travel in mind.

Many remote workers

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Midcoast hotel bookings on the rise as travel demand picks up

After a year of empty hotel rooms as many would-be travelers stayed closer to home as possible due to pandemic, Midcoast hotels, motels and vacation rental businesses are seeing a surge in bookings for summer

With the Pine Tree State welcoming travelers from all states without restrictions, many dates across Midcoast hotels have already been sold out, according to owners and managers who spoke with The Times Record

“With COVID-19 restrictions at ease, tourists from outside the state have started coming,” Connie Lay, owner of Freeport-based Candlebay Inn said. “The bookings have picked up drastically. Our hotel rooms are nearly

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