This charging accessory will keep you powered in all 195 countries around the world

The time has come. Travel restrictions are loosening everywhere and soon, you’ll likely be thinking about travel options that could take you anywhere. It’s also time to give some consideration to the devices you plan on bringing on these excursions. While most of us won’t be hopscotching around the globe quite yet, it’s still never a bad idea to think ahead and look for accessories that’ll be as useful in the UK as they are in Johannesburg, or Mumbai, or Topeka, Kansas.

Keeping your battery-bound devices — phones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches — charged will be an issue anywhere you visit. Luckily, the nomadplug is a world charger that’s designed to tackle any power need in virtually any corner of the world. 

nomadplug is billed as the last travel power adapter you’ll ever need — and it probably isn’t wrong, considering the handy accessory is tested and safe for use in all 195 countries around the world. A 2021 International Business Times Best Product award winner, it isn’t hard to see why since it can literally be used absolutely anywhere worldwide.

The nomadplug stake is a little like playing with a Jenga stack. Each compact plug attachment slips easily into the nomadplug’s modular design, secured together with rare earth magnets. Carefully selected and strategically placed for both durability and compatibility, the magnets help make sure each plug can also make its own adjustments for use in outlets everywhere around the world.

Measuring up at just over 7 inches long and incredibly lightweight, the nomadplug can easily live in your travel bag until it’s needed. Once plugged in, all it takes is a USB-C connection to deliver up to 18 watts of fast charging power to all your energy-dependent devices.

Right now, you can handle all your worldwide charging needs in one device with the nomadplug World Charger, now available for only $74.95.

Prices subject to change.

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